Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tool # 3

A quick example of embedding video.  This is the 2009 state champion from my varsity swim team.  Embedding video allows you to share public domain and copyrighted video (with proper permission.) This kind of embedding can draw a student's attention with a preview picture before they even click. A regular hyperlink might not get their attention. I plan on using this not only as a World History tool, but a swim practice tool on a private blog so swimmers can analyze their strokes and technique.

This second you tube video is one I plan on showing in class this week. It is a good way to get my students to think about projects they might want to present and new ideas they haven't thought of. As a history teacher, my personal favorite sites for free domain videos are History.com and BrainPop.

Lastly, I use dropbox quite a bit already. I use it as a way for my swimming parents to place photos to be put in the swimming emails, yearbook photos, etc.

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