Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tool 2

  • Well I visited 5 blogs from my fellow MHS educators and posted on one of there sites. Guess who's site I posted on? I also went to Google Reader.

  • PLN sounds like a great idea, but we sure need more time in the day to keep up with all of this new information. I see the benefits once we get started so hopefully this assignment will help. I don't mind sharing my comments, but I don't see how they are very help to many people.

  • In the future I plan on researching more http://www.classroom20.com/.  This site looks very interesting.

    1. Great Avatar and love that it's your voice! You've got to give me hints on whose blogs you posted - LOL. And I certainly agree that we need more time - it's hard not to feel overwhelmed with all of the things they are throwing at us. I know you will come away with several tools for your classroom. I need to check out that classroom20, too!

      1. Mr. Walton's is who I posted on a while back.

    2. Classroom 2.0 is very cool and a great site for learning and networking. Are you following any of the blogs you visited? You have a great start--have fun learning!